Sweating, Body Odour and Underarm Care

Sweating and Underarm Care

Whether you’re going for a jog, running around after the kids, relaxing on a tropical beach, or preparing for a presentation at work, sweating is a fact of life. We all do it.
But sometimes, excessive sweating can cause discomfort, unpleasant odours, and visible marks. We understand that these sweating side effects can be embarrassing in social and professional situations.
Our underarms aren’t the most pleasant of areas, and without proper underarm care we can open ourselves up to a series of potential health problems as well. Bad body odour, excessive wetness, discoloration, itchiness and even pimples are some of the possibilities.
Taking great care of this often dark and damp microcosm can be tricky if you’re not well versed in the fine art of underarm care. The good news is, that’s what we’re here for.
If you want fresh, clean armpits, follow our simple underarm care guidelines and tips. We’ll show you how to avoid itchy armpits, how to choose the best deodorant products and even how to remove pesky sweat stains.
Get ready to wear anything you choose and throw your arms in the air with confidence.


Tips For Body Odour

The most important thing to understand about body odour is that it’s a perfectly natural phenomenon. Plus, most people experience some level of it daily – so you’re not alone.
While body odour can be cause for embarrassment if it’s not addressed, there are plenty of ways you can avoid, neutralise, and mask it.
Like anything else, once you understand the source of body odour it’s easier to find the best ways to combat it. Read on to discover our fresh tips about the causes of body odour and how you can control it with some simple lifestyle habits and effective products.