Stress Sweating

There is good stress and there is bad stress. Good stress can keep you focused and determined, helping you to meet deadlines and overcome challenges. Bad stress, on the other hand, causes all kinds of physical reactions - including stress sweat.


Stress sweat is the type of sweat your apocrine glands secrete when you are in a stressful or nerve wracking environment.

Unlike thermal sweating, stress sweating (or emotional sweating) is often referred to as “having cold sweats". This is because it’s not linked to the outside temperature and can occur even in shade or air-conditioned buildings.

While stress sweat can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, it’s part of an in-built evolutionary response to threatening situations – the “fight-or-flight” reaction.


Stressful situations cause your body to release adrenalin into your bloodstream. This adrenalin rush triggers a rapid burst of sweat from your apocrine sweat glands.

Your apocrine glands secrete a thick, fatty sweat that skin bacteria feed on. This results in unpleasant body odour.

Bad stress can be triggered by all kinds of things in our daily routines - speaking in front of an audience, getting stuck in a traffic jam, or going on a first date.

These stressful situations are often crucial moments in which we need to be our best. So, it’s no wonder that you’re most concerned about the embarrassing side effects of stress sweat in these circumstances.


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