NIVEA Roll-on deodorants

NIVEA Roll-on deodorants provides effective and lasting protection for underarms so you can enjoy your day with confidence. The range of deodorants are gentle on the skin and leave underarms feeling soft with a long-lasting dry feeling. The roll-on deodorants are alcohol free and dermatological tested.
Lasting Protection for a Boost in Confidence

NIVEA Roll-on deodorants are scientifically formulated to combat sweat whilst being freshly fragranced, leaving you smelling great and feeling confident. Additionally, they are designed to combat marks on clothing, so you don't need to compromise between sweat marks or deodorant marks. For sports and exercise, try the most powerful stick deodorant of Dry Confidence Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Roll-On for lasting 48h protection. Or when considering deodorant for delicate skin there is the expertly formulated Protect & Care Roll-On to be non-irritant to all skin types.