Face Cleansing Tips

The Face Cleansing Routine

We all want our skin to look radiant and healthy but it can be hard to find time for cleansing routines. Did you know that it is not only important to remove the dirt and pollution from your face in the evening, but also advisable to gently cleanse in the morning? 

The skin on your face is exposed to pollutants and dirt all day long. In fact, we often unconsciously touch our face and transfer or spread bacteria, whether it is holding our phone up to our ear or rubbing our nose. A regular face cleansing routine helps to remove grime, germs, sebum and makeup (residue) to prevent pores from clogging. This helps to keep the skin radiant and naturally beautiful. 

Discover why face cleansing is so important and how you can cleanse your skin while giving it the gentle care it needs.