Best Antiperspirant

Choosing The Best Antiperspirant For You

There are lots of antiperspirants to choose from. Depending on what your sweat control needs are, there is an antiperspirant for you.


Do you need something that will be gentle on your skin? Or would your ideal antiperspirant be a product you can rely on during an intense workout?

Find out which of these four most popular antiperspirants will be the best for you :

Antiperspirants For Sensitive Skin

1. Antiperspirants for Sensitive Skin

Ethyl alcohol-free antiperspirants such as NIVEA’s Sensitive Protect Roll-On Deodorant are specially developed for sensitive skin.

Sweat Protection For Sports And Exercising

2. Sweat Protection for Sports and Exercising

Antiperspirants like NIVEA’s Stress Protect Anti-Perspirant keep the amount you sweat under control, so you can put all your energy into your workout.

Antiperspirant For Nights Out

4. Antiperspirants for Nights Out

Whether you are rocking the little black dress or ready to rock the stage, NIVEA’s Invisible Black & White Clear 48hr Anti-Perspirant Roll-On keeps you smelling fresh all whole evening – without ruining your outfit.

Reliable Sweat Solutions

3. Reliable Sweat Solutions for the Busy Woman

Roll-on antiperspirants can help to keep on top of perspiration on the go.

Their discreet size makes them the perfect accompaniment to any handbag for renewed freshness wherever you are.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.