Hugs Are The Key To Inner Happiness

Hugs Are Key To Inner Beauty And Happiness


The skin is our biggest sensory organ. It reveals our emotions and shows if we are well-balanced internally. Hugs and contact are essential for humans. Our skin is the gateway to our soul. It lets us detect, feel things and communicate with other people. Loving body contact is therefore crucial for our inner balance, well-being and our charisma.
Touch and See! This is How Our Skin Works

The human body’s largest organ has a surface area of about two square metres. On every square centimetre, there are up to 40 nerve endings and 200 tactile corpuscles that convey touch, cold or warmth to the brain as signals.

Our Finger Tips Achieve the Most

The finger tips have approximately three times as many tactile corpuscles as the rest of our skin and react to the smallest sensations and feelings. This is how we can explain why touching others can make us feel good.

These reactions are balanced out by touching, because positive and stress-reducing emotions are passed to the brain via the skin’s receptors. To ensure that the skin can perform these amazing achievements, it must, of course, be adequately cared for.

It is therefore essential to moisturise daily, so that your skin remains smooth and receptive to touch. Try NIVEA’s Express Hydration Body Lotion to add more moisture to your skin.

Kisses Are The Best Medicine


  • With our skin we feel cold, heat, pressure and closeness to other people
  • This is why the skin is an important organ of communication, as it connects us to the outside world.
  • For adults, hugs and other body contact are particularly important.
  • But single people do not have to live without skin contact. Massages and daily moisturising – i.e. contact with your own skin – have the same positive effect.
  • Our skin also reveals what we are feeling deep within: we blush when embarrassed, go pale with fear and when we’re stressed our complexion looks wan.

Listen to Your Skin

There is hardly any other human organ that reveals as much about us as our skin. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to it, as it experiences everything “up close and personal”

Caress To Give Comfort

Sometimes, All You Need is a Hug!

Simply let your skin be in command. Touch, feel and sense! A single touch is sometimes more help than a thousand comforting and well-meant words.

Sometime A Hug Is All You Need

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.