Goodbye Stress



Your work life is frantic, the children want this and that, and the shopping still has to be done – there is very little time left for you. Simply say goodbye to stress with the following tips and tricks!


Completely stress free – five exercises to ease up and relax

  • Mental strain: massage the strong muscles at the side of the bridge of your nose – this helps to gently release mental strain.
  • Physical strain: run with loose limbs around the room and think of positive thoughts. Light movements and positive thoughts relax muscles.
  • Tense face: Drop and relax your jaw, push it forward and back slightly.
  • Tense shoulders: Look as far as possible over your shoulders to the left and the right to relax the muscles.
  • Weak knees: Walk round the room with a firm step and then press the lower legs together firmly. This helps you stand firmly and reenergises your muscles.

Did you know the sweat your body produces when stressed is different than the sweat produced when it is hot or you are physically active. Stress sweating comes from the apocrine glands and has a different odour. NIVEA stress protect spray protects you against thermal and stress-related sweating

For women who wish to have reliable anti-perspirant protection in particularly stressful situations, NIVEA Stress Protect Spray is recommended. Its highly effective formula with zinc complex and avocado oil works effectively for 48 hours against armpit wetness and body odour.

Protecting Against Stress Sweating


Good planning means less stress: enter all your appointments into a diary every day. Then if a few free moments come up, take them for yourself!

A cup of coffee in the sun, an hour of sport or a quick bath in the evening will often work wonders. Having a feel-good programme to bring balance into your life ensures that beauty comes from within on its own. This will allow you to regain your strength and energy for the rest of the tasks you need to do.


Take A Bath To Relieve Stress

Nervous before your presentation, shaking before your job interview or weak knees before your first date? These tips will ensure you stay cool!

Your personal downtime: reward yourself with a quick bath. After a long exhausting day, nothing is more relaxing than a hot, fragrant bubble bath – simply unbelievably soothing and relaxing.

Become your own anti-stress expert

A discussion with the boss, a presentation or a job interview – these situations can be pretty stressful. Here are three tips to help you stay stress free:

  • Tip 1: Smile! A disarming smile is the most important link to your opposite number: it releases tension, covers up little mistakes with charm and relaxes the atmosphere.
  • Tip 2:Breathe evenly and calmly. When inhaling, hold your breath for a short time and then exhale with control and consciously. This relaxes the stomach muscles, the ribcage rises and sinks rhythmically and you become calm.
  • Tip 3:Yawn! Yawning is a reflective respiratory motion that has the effect of relaxing the body. Try yawning when you’re stressed to calm yourself down. It goes without saying that you should do it before your job interview! Sighing is also really good. Sigh deeply and let everything out that is depressing or burdening you. You will notice how liberating it can be.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.