Ultra Beach SPF50+ Sunscreen Spray

NIVEA SUN Ultra Beach SPF50+ Sunscreen Spray offers protection from the sun's harmful UV rays while at the beach. Made with quality ingredients so your skin is protected and cared for while you’re being active. Enjoy the sun with quality care using NIVEA!

All skin types
All skin types

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Product Features

Sun protection
Water resistant
UVA/UVB Filter
UVA/UVB Filter
All skin types
All skin types

Product Highlights

  • SPF50+: Increases the skin's natural sunburn protection by 50 times
  • UVA/UVB broad spectrum filters: Protection against skin ageing and sunburn
  • Lasting Protection: 4 hours water resistant
  • Beach Ready: Designed to protect you from direct sun, heat and salt water
  • Caring Formula: Alleviates dry and tight skin feeling

How to

1 Shake

Shake the bottle well

2 Spray

Spray generously on exposed skin

3 Rub

Rub in evenly to ensure all exposed skin is covered

4 Dry

Allow product to dry before dressing

5 Re-apply

Re-apply every 2 hours or more often when sweating, swimming or towelling

Product Details

NIVEA SUN Ultra Beach Sunscreen Spray SPF50+ offers protection from the sun's harmful UV rays while at the beach. At the beach, direct sun, heat and saltwater leaves the skin feeling dry and tight. Additionally, UV rays are reflected from the sand and water increasing exposure to the damaging effects of the sun. The NIVEA Ultra Beach Sunscreen Spray SPF50+ offers a very high SPF protection as well as ingredients to help strengthen your skin's own defences against the sun. All this whilst also offering 4 hours water resistance. Your skin will be protected against UVA / UVB induced skin damage and High Energy Visible Light effects such as premature skin aging. Made in Australia.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake well before use. Apply generously and evenly on skin 20 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply regularly as required; at least every 2 hours or more often if fair-skinned, sweating, swimming or towelling. Avoid intensive midday sun and prolonged exposure to the sun. Avoid eyes & broken, damaged or diseased skin. Do not spray onto the face. Avoid inhalation. Wear protective clothing, wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses. Allow the product to dry before dressing. Avoid contact with fabric and hard surfaces to prevent staining. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE. SUNSCREENS ARE ONLY ONE PART OF SUN PROTECTION. AVOID PROLONGED HIGH-RISK SUN EXPOSURE. REAPPLY FREQUENTLY.


Homosolate 100 mg/g, Octyl salicylate 50 mg/g, Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane 50 mg/g, Octocrylene 50 mg/g, Bemotrizinol 1.5 mg/g. Contains: Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin. Store below 30°C.

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Item Number 86040 (86040-03150-18)

Local registration number 86040

Special Ingredients

UVA/UVB Filter

UVA/UVB Filter

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