NIVEA SUN Recall (April 2022)

Important Information

Following product testing, NIVEA Sun (owned by Beiersdorf) recalled in April 2022 two batches that had been identified as having levels of benzene above the 2 part per million (ppm) permissible levels set of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

The affected products were: 

Protect & Moisture SPF 30 lotion 200ml - batch 12640440BN


Protect & Moisture SPF 50+ 65ml Roll On - batch 12669940BN

Roll on

The rest of the NIVEA Sun range including all other batches from these two products were not impacted by this recall and are available to consumers.

These batches were distributed in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands and on shelves from September 2021.

We understand the risk from these products to our consumers is extremely low, however out of an abundance of caution, NIVEA Sun recalled the affected batches in line with guidelines. TGA guidelines for benzene levels in sunscreen sit at 2ppm which are set to ensure that an individuals' excess cancer risk does not exceed 1 in 100,000 where that individual used the maximum recommended amount of the product every day of the year for 70 years. 

Consumer Advice

Consumers are requested to dispose of the product appropriately
To request a refund, consumers may fill out this form
If you have any concerns or questions about this issue, speak to your health professional or contact the NIVEA Sun Consumer Interaction Team (Free Call) on 1800 103 023 in AU and 0800 696 023 in NZ.

This form is for consumer use only. Retailers and pharmacies should contact their wholesaler for instruction.

Please complete the steps listed below in the form if you would like to receive a refund for your purchase of: 

 Protect & Moisture SPF 30 lotion 200ml - batch 12640440BN
 Protect & Moisture SPF 50+ Roll on 65ml - batch 12669940BN

You will need to provide:
• Product name and batch number
• Quantity of items purchased
• Upload an image (Please keep a copy of any product images until you have received your refund)
• Mobile number
• Email
• Address


Sunscreen Recall
Sunscreen Recall
Please ensure you complete all fields. Refunds will be sent to you in the form of a gift voucher. Please allow up to 28 days to receive your refund. 
You may be contacted by our Consumer Interaction Team to provide further information. 

There is clear evidence that regular use of sunscreens helps prevent skin cancer. Long-term studies of sunscreen use in Australia have found no harmful effects of regular use.*
*Source: Cancer Council, About sunscreen (2022):