How To Shave Legs & Keep Them Smooth

  Shaving puts a considerable stress on your skin, making sure you know how to care for your skin is essential to help keep your legs smooth after you shave. Discover how a simple task is made even simpler with easy to follow steps and additional advice to help keep your legs feeling smoother than ever!


Not only is it important to make sure you know how to shave your legs properly but the accessories you use may have a considerable impact as well. Old razor blades that aren’t rinsed between strokes are common culprits for dry skin and irritation, so make sure to use good blades and exchange them on a regular basis.

  1. Soften the Hairs - Once in the shower or bath allow up to 10 minutes for the warm water to soften hair and open follicles.
  2. Use a Shaving Cream - Apply the chosen shaving cream over the area to be shaved
  3. Start from the Bottom - Remember to begin shaving your legs from the ankle up
  4. Rinse Everytime - Glide your razor across the whole area to be shaved, rinsing after each stroke
  5. Pat Dry - Once done give your legs a quick patting down to ensure the skin is dry
  6. Moisturise! - Ending the shaving process with a quick application of moisturiser will keep your legs feeling hydrated and smoother for longer


  • Inspect your razor prior to shaving to ensure it is clean, sharp and rust free.
  • Try to use a shaving cream with moisturiser
  • Smooth and even strokes provide the best results
  • Make sure the razor is frequently rinsed throughout the shave
  • The use of after shave balm is necessary to achieve desired smooth legs



Applying a body lotion to the legs daily will ensure that skin cells are hydrated to stop dry skin from developing. During the morning, most people find themselves short on time, so a fast-absorbing product is essential. NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion absorbs in seconds and the moisture lasts for 24 hours.

Choosing an intensive moisturiser like NIVEA Rich Nourishing Body Lotion in the evening will mean that it can work its magic overnight. The formula with almond oil strengthens the skin barrier to prevent moisture from escaping and soothes any rough, irritated areas.



Exfoliating the legs regularly is a crucial way of removing dry, flaky skin to reveal the smooth skin underneath. Try using a body brush to buff the skin before showering and follow this up with a weekly body scrub. Here are 3 recipes for easy homemade body scrubs.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.