• How does your skin usually look by lunchtime?

  • Which of these products would you most likely use throughout the day?

  • How would you describe the appearance of your pores?

  • What do you look for in a moisturiser?

    • My T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) tends to shine, but the skin on the rest of my face is dry/normal.
    • My skin often feels tight and is prone to dry patches.
    • My skin is prone to blackheads and spots.
    • My skin is smooth and comfortable.
    • Shiny in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).
    • Flaky and red in patches.
    • Shiny in most parts.
    • Mostly fresh and clean.
    • Powder, in order to keep my shine under control.
    • Moisturiser, in order to keep my skin supple for as long as possible.
    • Blemish corrector pen, in order to target my pimples.
    • None of these. I can usually go through the day without reapplying products.
    • Visible.
    • Invisible or almost invisible.
    • Very visible and open.
    • Fine.
    • One that mattifies whilst providing moisture where it is needed.
    • One that's rich in texture and intensively cares for my skin.
    • One that sinks in fast and doesn't block my pores.
    • One that keeps my skin feeling smooth and supple.



It's important to use the right products for your skin, and that means knowing your skin type. So we developed five short, easy questions to help you find out your skin type. Take the test.
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