Ingredient - Q10

Q10 Ingredient

The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Ingredient

If you’re worried about ageing and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you’re not alone. A busy lifestyle, sun, and other factors all take their toll on our skin, and getting older doesn’t help. With NIVEA’s Q10 anti-ageing products, you can help reduce the signs of ageing.


Coenzyme Q10, or just Q10, is naturally produced in the body and makes an important contribution to the function of all the body’s cells, especially those of the liver, heart and skin.

Similar to a vitamin, Q10 is present in the whole body and can support different processes, but its main function is to do with cellular energy production in the mitochondria. It also acts as an antioxidant to ward off free radicals both inside and outside the cells, which accelerate skin ageing and damage the cells.


Nutrition for the skin

Q10 is contained in many foods: for example, foods such as meat (beef, poultry), sea fish (especially in sardines), eggs, vegetable oil, nuts, almonds, soya, potatoes, green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, and pulses, are especially rich in Q10. 


What causes a deficiency of the body’s own Q10?

Physical exertion, illness, stress or an unhealthy lifestyle can cause the body to consume more nutrients in order to repair itself, meaning it has a greater need for Q10. This can have effects on our skin. It loses firmness and elasticity, as the body always distributes the coenzyme wherever it is needed most. As we get older, the production of Q10 also starts to lessen – that’s why we need to consciously supply our bodies with Q10. We can do this with our diet or with specific nutritional supplements.

Using Q10 products to fight wrinkles

Our skin ages differently and a lot of external factors influence this. It can depend on genetics, our lifestyle and the amount of sun we’re exposed to. There are different ways to try to stop our skin from ageing, whether it’s through lifestyle changes or using specific products, but NIVEA’s Q10 products can give us that bit of extra care.
The skin’s own coenzyme Q10 is essential for generating energy. Q10 is a necessary component in the production of cellular energy from nutrients within the body. This cellular energy is what the body uses to carry out its processes. Q10 also protects the skin from oxidative stress but unfortunately, the proportion of Q10 in our skin reduces over the years. This is when wrinkles can appear. That’s why anti-ageing products that contain Q10 can help to reduce signs of ageing in our skin. Try Nivea’s 4 in 1 Firming Body Oil to visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks and uneven skin tone. The Firming Body Oil also contains avocado oil, cottonseed oil and macadamia oil, all of which helps to deeply nourish your skin.

Skin defence

The result of NIVEA research 

All NIVEA products are the result of a combination of a highly developed innovation culture and over a century of Beiersdorf’s competence in skin research. The NIVEA research team has been hot on the trail of the effects of Q10 for almost a quarter of a century. Our scientists have been intensively examining the role of the coenzyme Q10 in human skin and have been integrating it into skin care products since as far back as 1998. To this day, Q10 products are in demand around the world.

Q10: a scientific discovery

  • The American scientist Frederick L. Crane discovered the coenzyme in 1957.
  • The British chemist Peter Dennis Mitchell found out how Q10 works within cells. He received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his work on this in 1978.
  • Beiersdorf scientists are the first to research the effects of Q10 on the skin and have been using it in skin care products since 1998.


NIVEA has a range of anti-wrinkle products that contain Q10, which will help to reduce the signs of ageing all over your body. Read more about specially formulated products for specific areas of the body.


NIVEA Q10 products for your face

While anti-ageing products are usually applied overnight, it’s important to protect your skin throughout the day too, as that it is when it’s most exposed. Using Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle Day Face Cream will work well on normal skin, but if you have oily skin and want to avoid clogging your pores, the Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle Light Day Face Cream would be a better option. The Q10 Plus C Anti-Wrinkle Energising Day Cream is a new product, specially formulated to give your skin and extra boost to keep it looking its best.

NIVEA Q10 products for your hands

NIVEA Q10 products for your hands

Your hands are often one of the first areas of your body to show signs of ageing, but it can be stopped with the right products and care. The Q10 Plus Anti-Age Hand Cream is specially made to stop signs of ageing for your hands and to keep them looking firm and young for longer.

NIVEA Q10 products for your body

NIVEA Q10 products for your body

The skin on your body has just as much chance of showing signs of ageing as the skin on your hands and face. NIVEA’s Q10 Body Care Range targets specific areas, and helps to firm and sculpt areas on your body.

NIVEA has enriched its firm-skin formula with a new combination of ingredients: the formula contains the special “energy complex” with the coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine and creatine to ensure an even better effect at a cellular level.

The coenzyme Q10 produces the body’s natural “fuel” and is essential for energy production at a cellular level. The skin requires L-carnitine to produce metabolic energy. It transports the lipids to the cells’ powerhouse, known as mitochondria, where they are transformed into energy. Creatine, on the other hand, works like a battery, storing and emitting the generated energy in the cells.

The result: The energy in the skin cells can be increased and influences the regeneration, repair and division of cells. Combined with the right care, the skin will feel firmer, tauter and softer.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.