Energy, water and waste are the three big factors to look at when it comes to running a production site in the most sustainable way. Zero- footprint production means achieving carbon-neutral emissions, either by balancing carbon emissions or simply eliminating carbon emissions altogether.




Local production sites

As a general principle, our NATURALLY GOOD production sites are where we need them to be: close to the consumer – because transport distance and fuel consumption matters. In Europe, our products are made in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Poland.


Electricity from 100% renewable resources

The electricity we use to manufacture our products in our own production sites – 100% of it – comes from renewable sources.

For full transparency we point out that as well as electricity, we also use other forms of energy, such as natural gas, to heat our formulas during production. But we plan to also switch these processes to renewable energy sources.

water consumption reduced by 25%

For each manufactured product, we will reduce water consumption by 25% by 2025 (base year 2018).

We won’t rest while there are new technologies that help us to improve this further.


no production waste is sent to landfill

None (0%) of our production waste is sent to landfill. Instead, we recycle or responsibly incinerate production waste.

The next big step for us is to maximise the amount of production waste that is recycled.