How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Everything can cause dark circles under your eyes.

Everything from your genetics to something as simple as a big night out, can cause dark circles to appear under your eyes. This discolouration isn’t ideal but, you can learn how to get rid of dark circles with a bit of preparation and a few home remedies.


Replenish the delicate skin around your eyes with ingredients lying around your house.

Give these four home remedies a try next time dark circles appear:


1. Cool tea bag compress

Brew two black tea bags and leave in a bowl in the fridge to cool Once cooled, lay your head back and place the tea bags on your closed eyes for about 10 minutes The tannins in black tea help reduce swelling and supply your skin with anti-oxidants.



2. Almond oil massage

Gently massage a few drops of almond oil into the skin around your eyes to promote circulation. Always work from the inside out.



3. Cucumber mask

Lay your head back and place cooled slices of cucumber on your closed eyes for a few minutes. Cucumbers are full of vitamins and supply lots of moisture which helps to reduce dark circles under your eyes.



4. Cold gel eye mask

For a slightly more expensive version, store a special gel eye mask in your fridge. When dark circles appear, simply pull your mask out and leave over your eyes until the mask is no longer cool. Gel eye masks help to constrict the lymph and blood vessels around your eyes to improve dark circles.


Eye creams and concealers work wonders on dark circles under the eyes. Follow our quick and easy tips to freshen up your eyes for a healthy youthful appearance.

Eye cream for dark circle

Gently pat a tiny amount of eye cream from the inner corner of your eye to the outer edge using the tip of your finger.

Use NIVEA Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream with Q10 and creatine to alleviate wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.



Concealer for dark circles

Using your finger tip or fine brush, apply small amount of concealer under your eye. Gently and evenly blend the concealer into your skin in a dabbing motion.

Concealer is available in stick form or as a thin cream. Always choose a shade lighter than your natural complexion.

Eye cream for dark circles

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.