Ingredient Cycle


The burning of finite fossil fuels and the excessive use of natural resources have added too much CO₂ to the earth's cycle,putting the system out of balance and leading to global warming and climate change.  By using naturally derived renewable ingredients, the planet’s natural cycle can be preserved.



Renewable ingredients


Our NATURALLY GOOD ingredient cycle aims to preserve the planet’s natural cycle by using naturally derived renewable ingredients as much as we can, and restricting the use of synthetic ingredients derived from fossil resources. In addition to our ingredients being of natural origin, we also strive to ensure that they are all biodegradable. Once broken down into their basic building blocks, they will eventually blend back into earth and the balanced carbon cycle. Our aim: to create a perfectly natural balance.


NATURALLY GOOD uses between 95 and 99% naturally derived ingredients which retain more than half of their molecular structure or natural state after processing.

Eco-optimised face cleansing wipes


Our NATURALLY GOOD wipes are an excellent example of biodegradability at NIVEA. They consist of viscose fibre, a material made from wood, so they are 100% plant-based. But we also paid close attention to selecting a very sustainable viscose. Its production leads to a 50% reduction in water usage and emissions compared to generic viscose.  


Our wipes achieve up to 95% biodegradability within 28 days.

Biodegradable shower product range


Biodegradability is one of our key priorities when we develop our rinse-off formulations. Using biodegradable ingredients ensures that materials can return to nature without leaving any traces. Our NATURALLY GOOD lab is proud to achieve more than 99% biodegradability in our NATURALLY GOOD Oil-infused Shower Gel.


All  NIVEA shower products achieve equally high levels of biodegradability.