Dry Skin From Stress

What Causes Dry Skin


There are a number of cause of dry skin, including a number of internal and external factors. Apart from having a genetic disposition to the condition, it is primarily external factors that upset our skin’s natural moisture balance and dry it out.


  1. Genetics - Dry skin can be inherited. Depending on your genetics, your sebum production and moisture regulation maybe disrupted causing dry skin.
  2. Weather - Cold, heat, wind and dry heated air removes moisture and attacks natural protective barriers of the skin. Apply a moisturiser daily to help protect your skin.
  3. Hot Water - Changes in temperature can strip moisture from the skin. So make sure your showers are not too hot!
  4. Stress - Stress and mental strain effects our hormones, which can upset our body’s moisture balance and oil production.
  5. Skin Care - There are lots of products can be harsh on our skin’s moisture balance and cause dry skin (e.g. soap-based shower gels). Use these products sparingly, or try to use rehydrating cleansing products instead.

Now you know the cause of your dry skin, you probably want to find out how to restore your skin’s natural moisture balance. Find out by reading through our remedies for dry skin.


  1. Cold Temperatures – The cold hardens the soft, fatty lipids that keep your skin pliable. As these lipids harden your skin becomes prone to cracking, allowing moisture to escape, causing dry skin.
  2. Cold Winds – Icy cold winds sap moisture from your skin and lips, leaving them feeling chapped and dry. Apply a lip balm regularly to help restore and protect your lip’s moisture.
  3. Indoor Heaters – Your skin’s natural lipid layer and moisture levels are effected by the change in temperature from outside and the hot dry air created by indoor heaters.

Dry Skin From Stress

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.