Is Vitamin E Good for Skin?

We all know that vitamins are important to include as part of our diet, but what does Vitamin E do when used as a facial treatment and applied to your skin?

What Does Vitamin E Do For Skin?

Vitamin E is available in cream form and as an oil in skin care products. It’s added to a number of different products that you may not even be aware of, including anti-ageing creams, eye serums, sunscreens, and makeup. So why is it so popular and what are the benefits of using vitamin E for skin in your skin care products?

Benefits of vitamin E for skin

What does Vitamin E do for your skin?

  • Strengthens skin barrier

Having a strong skin barrier allows your skin to retain water and stay hydrated more easily, and you'll be able to prevent having dry and dull skin more easily, as well as helping to minimise skin sensitivity.

  • Powerful antioxidant

Having Vitamin E face cream or other products that contain anti oxidants help to prevent damage caused by free radicals - these are things such as pollution, and chemicals that attach themselves to your face and weaken your skin elasticity causing skin damage. Not only this but antioxidants also help to give you glowing skin as antioxidant refers to discouraging the oxidisation of things like oil produced on the skin that turn into blackheads. They also calm irritation and help to smooth fine lines that appear on your skin because of these free radicals.

  • Hyper-pigmentation treatment

This means that Vitamin E cream and face care products with these properties help to lighten dark spots on your face caused by sun damage as the skin repair qualities target these areas on the surface of your skin.

  • Increases your resistant to sun overexposure

Vitamin E absorbs UVB light which is not only responsible for skin damage but this leads to early signs of ageing such as premature wrinkles if you're not protecting yourself from the sun. Vitamin E combined with Vitamin C actually prolongs the amount of time you spend in the sun without SPF protection before skin starts to be affected by it. That said, if you combined Vitamin E cream with your usual sun protection you'll be better protected.

  • Acne scarring

In the same way that Vitamin E helps to lighten dark spots, it also helps with acne scarring with the skin repair qualities it contains, combined with a strengthened skin barrier it helps to prevent further acne scarring on the skin.

  • Cell turnover & regeneration

 The nutritional value of Vitamin E means it helps to bring new cells to the surface faster, this makes it especially good to have in lip care products as it helps to replenish dry or chapped lips.

  • Moisturising for dry skin

As mentioned before when a skin barrier is stronger it allows the skin to retain moisture and hydration more easily, which is very beneficial for those with dry skin to keep dry and flaky patches at bay.


What does Vitamin E do as part of your diet?

How you can include more Vitamin E in your diet

Using vitamin E in skin care products has its benefits, but it's important that you're including it in your diet as well, because not only is this beneficial for your immune system for fighting against disease, but it also has a positive effect on your skin health and eye health.  Vitamin E levels in our bodies also decrease as we age as well as UV light and sun exposure reducing vitamin E levels in the skin. However, vitamin E is available in many foods, so we can help to replenish these levels.

Foods that are high in Vitamin E include:

  • Cereal, juice, and margarine
  • Salmon, and other seafood
  • Broccoli, spinach, and other green vegetables

Foods that are high in Vitamin E include:

  • Nuts and seeds, such as sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, peanuts and almonds
  • Vegetable oils, including sunflower oil and olive oil
  • Fruits such as blackberries, avocados, mango and kiwi fruit

NIVEA & Vitamin E cream

Here at NIVEA we produce a wide range of skin care products containing Vitamin E from face cleansing products, to face creams, and wipes, we've got the perfect selection for you to choose from. 
The NIVEA Refreshing Face Wash Gel is enriched with lotus flower and Vitamin E. It cleanses your face and neck area deeply and removes daily impurities. In addition, the refreshing wash gel refreshes your skin while caring for it.
The NIVEA Hydrating Night Cream contains NIVEA Moisture Care Complex, Vitamin E, Lotus Extract & Anti-oxidant, Provitamin B5 to work as the perfect night cream that deeply hydrates skin and leaves it looking refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

Who shouldn't use Vitamin E?

People with very sensitive skin, or extremely acne-prone skin - but this can differ between people so try it out as part of a face cream first to see how your skin responds before moving on to more Vitamin E rich serums and oils.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.