pH Level Of Skin

Your Skin's PH Levels

  The quality of our skin is determined by genetic predisposition, environmental influences and age. Even for the most perfect skin, pH levels play an important role in beauty and health. Maintaining a good routine of pH balanced skincare helps your skin retain the all-important acid mantle – our bodies’ natural protective layer. But what are pH levels?


The pH level is the measurement of the concentration of acids in liquids. As our skin consists largely of water, it has its own pH level that plays an important role in skin care. If our pH levels are disrupted, the skin’s natural protective barrier can be compromised, leaving our skin exposed to damage.

The protective acid mantle is initially formed by the body’s own lipids, and maintains an average pH level of 5.5. This acidity is due to the combination of naturally occurring substances such as sebum, sweat and water.

A sound lipid structure ensures sufficient moisture and makes the skin look healthy and radiant. With a sound protective acid mantle the skin is also protected from damaging micro-organisms, infections, irritations and allergies. So that normal skin does not develop into dry or sensitive skin, moisture and lipids must be kept in balance. By having a consistent beauty routine, you support your skin and help it to stay healthy, resistant and elastic for a long time.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.