Hydra IQ

NIVEA’s Secret Hydrating Weapon

Nivea's Secret Hydrating Weapon

When your skin is well hydrated, it is stronger and more resilient. Hydrated skin also looks healthier and feels more ‘plump’ and vibrant. For your skin to protect your body from the sun’s harmful UV rays and other external irritants it must be adequately hydrated.

What does Hydra IQ do for your Skin?

Aquaporins are proteins in the cell membranes that form a pore, which allows water molecules to be transported into and out of each cell. The main moisture reservoir of the skin is located in the deeper layer of the epidermis (surface of the skin). These layers receive their moisture from blood supply that comes from the deeper layers.

The skin’s ability to self-moisturise efficiently, depends on aquaporins. Your aquaporin level directly correlates with the dryness of your skin.

What is Hydra IQ?

NIVEA’s Hydra IQ is a patented intense moisturisation technology that penetrates deep within your skin to foster new aquaporins to regulate the skin's moisture balance and reduce water loss.

NIVEA wanted to develop a formula that promotes the formation of aquaporins in the skin cells. Years of intensive research were spent looking for the ideal ingredient.

They finally made a breakthrough and discovered that Hydra IQ had the desired effect. It is a natural ingredient used by blue-green algae to control their moisture regulation under extreme conditions. The Hydra IQ compound is made up of glucose and glycerol – two substances that are essential for the skin.

Hydra IQ is a unique and revolutionary ingredient that activates the creation of new aquaporins - the skin’s hydration channels. It improves the skin’s natural deep hydration system and it naturally promotes continuous moisture from within, after regular use.

More about Hydra IQ

Moisture is noticeably and optimally distributed even in the deeper layers of the epidermis, providing an instant and long-lasting moisturising effect. The result: improved skin structure and condition with a smooth, supple and nourished complexion.

NIVEA uses this intense moisturisation technology as a key ingredient in a number of skin and lip care products to help hydrate dry skin.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.