How To Avoid Itchy Armpits?

  To be frank, itchy armpits are a complete nuisance. Once you have found what could be causing your itchy armpits, it’s time to look at the best ways to sooth and treat them.


Because of the environment under our arms, our armpits are like a Petri dish for bacteria. If it’s possible to spend a little more time on hygiene in the area, it’s really worth trying.

Bacteria is one of the biggest causes of underarm itchiness. Another reason you want to make sure your armpits are moisturised but thoroughly dry after showering is to prevent getting things like yeast infections in the area.


As some soaps and laundry detergents contain strong and harsh chemicals, we recommend switching your detergent to natural, fragrance-free detergents that don't contain dyes as these are well known culprits for irritation and replacing your soap with natural ingredients that nourish and soothe your skin.

Take a look at the NIVEA Shower Gel range for your perfect solution.


To prevent your body sweats mix with the dirt collected on your skin throughout the day, you should wash your armpits regularly and once you come out the shower make sure to dry your armpits thoroughly by patting the area dry rather than rubbing. Also, when exercising you should wear loose clothing to give your armpits the chance to breathe and prevent rubbing against your skin.


There are a number of faux pas that can be committed when shaving, and all of them will undoubtedly lead to itchy armpits and razor rash, so here are some easy changes you can make to your shaving routine to combat itchy armpits:

  • Don't use a razor for more than 7 uses, as the blades become dull causing you to go over the same area more times.
  • Never dry shave - your skin likes to be moisturised so running a sharp object over it's armpits when it's not is a bad idea. Make sure you shave while in the shower or bath as the warm water softens the hair follicles and makes it easier to shave while also keeping your skin hydrated and happy.
  • Use cream specially designed for shaving - it's carefully created to nourish your armpits and get the job done in the most caring way.
  • Don’t shave your armpits too often – your skin needs time to recover, especially if you have itchy armpits so continuing to shave will only continue to irritate your skin.


In many cases, paying a bit of extra attention to your armpits will stop whatever is causing them to become sensitive. Often, switching deodorants can help. NIVEA has a range of roll on and spray deodorants for sensitive skin. Each provides powerful, long lasting protection that does not cause irritation to sensitive skin.

All of the ingredients at NIVEA are designed to nourish and care for your skin, and here are some products you should try if you suffer with itchy armpits:

  • NIVEA Silk Touch antiperspirant, for example, is a quick drying formula, enriched with ultra-light Kaolin powder. It provides a dry, silky smooth feeling to the skin, while effectively protecting against sweating and odour all day long.
  • Something neutral like NIVEA Repair & Care Body Lotion can help to sooth irritated skin. This gentle lotion provides 48-hour relief from dry skin and strengthens the skin barrier to prevent moisture loss.
  • If you are looking for an effective yet mild deodorant spray for men you can try an anti-perspirant like the NIVEA MEN Protect & Care Anti-Perspirant Spray which provides you with 48 hour sweat protection without causing irritations.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.