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How To Tone Your Face With Facial Exercises and Face Yoga

Quick and easy facial fitness for a fresh look Give your face a workout with these facial exercises for maintaining beautifully firm skin.

Unfortunately as we start to mature our skin starts to sag, find out why facial exercises could result in firmer, more youthful looking skin.


Your face contains over 50 different muscles and unlike most of the rest of the body, a lot of these facial muscles are rarely used. By carrying out regular facial exercises, you promote the circulation of blood to the different areas of the face, thus replenishing the oxygen supply in the muscles and the skin. This will result in a bright complexion and beautiful healthy glow.

Performing face thinning and toning exercises frequently will keep your face looking fit in the long term. Furthermore, regular facial muscles exercises improve the blood flow and, thus, supply your skin cells with nutrients leading to a stimulation of skin cell regeneration and prevention of wrinkles.


5 exercises for your face
  • Strengthens the muscles in your face.
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Releases any tension in the face and neck.
  • Firms and tightens the facial skin.


exercises to lift the folds around your nose

Lift the folds around your nose

Smile as widely as you can and press your fingertips into the folds between your nose and lips. Lift up the muscles whilst pressing down your fingertips into the muscles for resistance. This will strengthen your cheek muscles to give you plump, round cheeks - a classic sign of youth
exercises to tighten your sagging neck

Tighten A Sagging Neck

Your neck is often one of the first places to show signs of ageing. Use these facial exercises for our jowl and neck area. Simply press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Then look upwards with your chin to the ceiling, smile and swallow. Continue doing this for 30 - 60 seconds
exercises to smooth your forehead

Smooth Out Your Forehead

To tighten forehead skin, first frown as hard as you can, attempting to bring your eyebrows over your eyes and closer together. Then do the opposite and lift your eyebrows as high as possible, opening your eyes widely. Repeat these movements five times.

exercises to help muscles around your mouth

Work The Muscles Around The Mouth

Sit down and tilt your head backwards. Tightly pucker your lips and push them forward. Hold for 8-10 seconds and repeat five times for a toned lip area.

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exercises to lift your cheek muscles

For Lifted Cheek Muscles

Close your lips and gently smile, before sucking your cheeks in as far as you can. Hold this position for 8-10 seconds before releasing and repeat this exercise five times.

Tips for doing facial exercises the right way

  • Performing facial toning exercises lying down is the most effective.
  • Ensure your hands are clean before touching your face.
  • Try to do your facial fitness routine at the same time every day so you don’t forget.
  • Never pull or tug on the skin aggressively – this may accentuate wrinkles.
  • Combine facial exercises with cardiovascular exercise to give your complexion the best possible boost.

5 facial exercises to target the eye area


What is facial yoga?

Face yoga is good for you

Yoga is good for your body and soul - did you know it is also good for your face?