Honesty and Transparency

Our values are reflected in our Code of Conduct, our environmental and social commitments and our stance on animal testing. They shine through in our passionate research for better, safer and more sustainable formulas and ingredients. Our values are the driving force behind our joint projects with all our partners.


People around the world trust NIVEA products – and we do everything to keep that trust. Our philosophy can be summed up in two words: NIVEA cares. We care for the health and safety of your skin. That’s why every ingredient we select for our products must meet safety criteria that meet or exceed regulatory requirements. Our skincare formulas are composed to protect and enhance your skin’s natural functions. And our ambition is to include only the minimum number of ingredients required to serve this cause.


As a global brand, NIVEA works with local suppliers around the world. To make sure that every aspect of our supply chain and production is in line with our values, we created a code of conduct that serves as a guideline for all our suppliers.

We are committed to protecting human rights and do not tolerate forced or child labor, corruption or discrimination in our operations and supply chain.

Based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Conventions of the International Labor Organization, and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, our code of conduct sets ethical and sustainability standards for our suppliers.

Before we agree to work with a supplier, they have to commit to our code of conduct. That’s the first step. We also have a screening, auditing and support system in place to help our suppliers meet our NIVEA standards and check that they do. This includes collaboration platforms that allow suppliers to share best practices and work with us to make our procurement more sustainable.



We do not carry out any animal tests on cosmetic products or their ingredients or instruct them - unless this is mandatory by law. Beiersdorf has long since actively avoided animal testing worldwide, whenever legally possible.

We have been committed to the development and international acceptance of alternative testing methods for more than 35 years. Our determination to make animal testing unnecessary on a global scale is part of this commitment.

As one of the leaders in cosmetics research, NIVEA has a strong history of collaboration with more than 50 partners worldwide, investing in alternative, cruelty-free testing approaches for safe risk assessment. For example, Beiersdorf fosters the development of “organ-on-a-chip” technologies. These systems integrate several human cell and tissue types and emulate the human biology at a small scale, extending the options to assess possible effects on the human body in vitro to ultimately ensure safe products.

On the global scale, we work towards the acceptance of established alternative test methods everywhere. Some countries, including China, still require animal testing for certain cosmetic product categories. We aim to convince the Chinese authorities that these tests are unnecessary and can be replaced by alternatives without compromising consumer safety.



Understand our sustainability approach in regard to reducing CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions, plastic, recycling, palm oil sourcing, free-from microplastics and more. In 2020, we have set new targets to meet in 2025 following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


At NIVEA we try to constantly interact with our world in the most careful of ways, to create skincare that protects our skin and nature. Read about our journey on responsible sourcing, production, packaging and after use environmental impacts (ie: waste, microplastics).