Cool Your Skin

NIVEA Aftershaves

Your question: what to do when shaving is tough on your skin. Our answer: NIVEA's line of men’s aftershaves that soothe, refresh and regenerate the face immediately afterward shaving. Never greasy, these aftershaves absorb quickly and carry modern, invigorating scents.
After Shave and Skin Care

After shave and skin care go hand in hand. To prevent skin irritation and spots, you should always treat your skin after shaving with an aftershave, shaving soap or a face cream. Products containing alcohol disinfect and prevent irritation, while cooling formulas provide an additional burst of freshness. Men with sensitive or dry skin should choose a mild, alcohol-free after-shave that moisturises and assists with skin regeneration. A balm that soothes irritated areas of the skin and at the same time gives the skin new energy offers double care.