Daily Moisturizing


Our specialty at NIVEA is creams. And within our selection of NIVEA Day Creams, you can find an exceptional product to match your every skin care need. From universal day creams to those that fight the signs of aging or detox your skin – you name the need and we have the day cream for it.
What are day creams?

NIVEA day creams help you fight the signs of aging and detox, you can wear these under your make up to moisturise and protect your skin.

Day creams ensure skin is replenished, moisturised and protected. With 24h benefits, creams provide skin around-the-clock care and refreshment.


The wide range of NIVEA day creams ensure that all skin types are as loved and cared for as they deserve to be. With each product carefully formulated, all our creams ensure only the highest quality for your skin, ensuring skin is smooth, softened and protected.
All the creams are designed to provide you with exactly what you require, meaning only the best scientifically-proven ingredients are used. Skin is a complex and ever-changing organ, and thus we ensure that all skin types are catered for. Thus, whatever skin type you are, you're bound to find a product you love and trust. Some of our product's ingredients include; Almond Oil, Hydra IQ, Vitamins C and E, Ocean Algae and Q10 energy, providing skin anti-aging, environmental protection, smoothness and strength. Complete your skincare routine with NIVEA night creams.

Day Creams Expertly Formulated with You in Mind

All our day creams help to actively fight signs of aging, ensuring fine lines are reduced, pores are not clogged  and skin is strengthened and left with a non- shiny, matte complexion. Wake up with one of a broad range of creams, such as Daily Essentials and Q10PlusC.