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It is all in the name. New NIVEA Black & White Max Protection Deodorant is our strongest sweat protection. Using a new breakthrough formula, NIVEA Black & White Max Protection combines the trusted anti-stain technology with unmatched sweat protection. Available for men and women, NIVEA Black & White is the max protection for you and your favourite clothes.


We are more than one thing and it’s time our antiperspirants were too. Don’t settle for one benefit when NIVEA Black & White has them all. Try it yourself today.
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Using a breakthrough formula, NIVEA Black & White Max protection is our strongest sweat protection Black & White deodorant ever. Giving you protection against sweat, stains, odour, and irritation.

The formula secret behind Black & White Max Protection


What is so special about the new NIVEA BLACK & WHITE Max Protection*?

BLACK & WHITE Max Protection* is the first ever combination of NIVEA‘s best-selling stain protection (BLACK & WHITE) anti-perspirant with the strongest sweat protection there is for a NIVEA anti-stains product. BLACK & WHITE Max Protection* brings the strongest ever sweat protection among NIVEA B&W protects while having reliable anti-stain benefits - without compromises.

What was the objective of the development of NIVEA BLACK&WHITE MAX PROTECTION*?

NIVEA wants to offer anti-perspirant users a solution that solves their two main anti-perspirant needs with one product: Protection of their favorite pieces of clothing against residues and stains as well as stronger protection against sweat and odor.

What was the biggest challenge during the development of the new NIVEA BLACK & WHITE Max Protection?

To generate the high efficacy of the roll-on products we had to formulate at a relatively low pH using high amounts of an aluminum-zirconium mixture which is still safe and skin compatible. To define and guarantee high efficacy and NIVEA skin friendliness at the same time is always a big challenge for the formulation scientist.

What is the unique thing with this formula? What makes it special?

The uniqueness of this formula can be described as an ideal balance of strong sweat and odor protection combined with an improved anti-stain performance due to the presence of NIVEA´s unique anti-stains ingredients.

How effective is the new NIVEA BLACK & WHITE Max Protection*?

The new NIVEA BLACK & WHITE Max Protection* brings the most powerful sweat protection to NIVEA’s anti-stain product range. It provides 48H protection against sweat, clinically tested in several in-vivo studies.

Are there any side effects from the product? Can it cause irritation?

As the formula only works on the skins’ surface, there is no biological action and therefore no side effect like those of pharmaceutical products. In several dermatological and in-use studies, we made sure that the formula is very well tolerated by the skin.

How do I apply properly? How often?

Anti-perspirants immediately deliver sweat protection once they are applied onto the skin. One application in the morning after a shower already delivers the desired benefit of long-lasting sweat protection. It is an individual habit and choice how often consumers prefer to apply this product.

Does this formula contain silicone?

Neither the roll-on nor the aerosol do contain any silicones. For NIVEA, this is the first launch of an anti-stain aerosol which does not contain any cyclic silicones.

Is the new NIVEA BLACK & WHITE Max Protection* a replacement for another Black & White product or is it an addition to the product portfolio?

It is an addition. This product is especially developed for consumers looking for superior sweat protection without compromising on anti-stain benefits. Therefore, it provides the strongest sweat protection among other NIVEA Black & White products.
* strongest sweat protection among NIVEA Black & White products