Best Antiperspirant For Stressful Situations

When you’re faced with excessive sweating you need a very protective deodorant to match. Find the best antiperspirant for you!


When you’re faced with excessive sweating you need a very protective deodorant to match.

If excessive sweating gets in your way, simple daily activities can become an ordeal. If any of these sound like you, you may have an excess of sweat.

  • You have to change clothes before you leave the house because you have sweat patches or wet socks.
  • Your water glass keeps slipping through your fingers when you try to pick it up and bring it to your mouth to drink.
  • Gripping your pen or fork, and manipulating it between your fingers, is a daily challenge.

Although there isn’t a 100% effective and final cure for excessive sweating, the right deodorant can make a huge difference to your underarms.


The deodorant market is full of products for all degrees of sweating but for truly excessive sweating, you are going to need to find and use the strong stuff.

Some antiperspirant deodorants aren’t effective when it comes to reducing excessive sweating because they don’t contain an active sweat-stopping ingredient such as an aluminium compound.


For most people, low-level sweating is a normal, natural and constant process but excessive sweating is another matter entirely.

The excessive sweating process can be triggered by exercise, hot weather or from our nerves in response to stressful situations.

A few swipes of regular antiperspirant deodorant are usually quite enough to ensure underarm confidence, but for others a few passes with a mid-range deodorant just won’t cut it. While everyone sweats a different amount due to hereditary factors, or the nature of their environment, some of people sweat to an almost unliveable degree.

The best deodorants for excessive sweating combine odour-fighting and antiperspirant ingredients.

  • Odour-fighting ingredients contain perfume to help conceal bad body odour and keep you smelling fresh and clean.
  • Antiperspirant ingredients temporarily block your pores to help stop sweat from being pushed to the skin’s surface.

Both of these ingredients are the reason why effective deodorants can help you to control excessive sweating and bad body odour, so that you can feel confident and always at your best.

Antiperspirant deodorants are made with several ingredients, including an active aluminium-based compound. This is what gives antiperspirant deodorants their ability to block sweat in the sweat glands and stop it from travelling it to the skin’s surface.

Choose an anti-perspirant like the NIVEA Sensitive Protect Anti-Perspirant Roll-on Deodorant that not only helps to reduce sweat for up to 48 hours but can also help to care for your skin without causing irritation.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.