3 Homemade Bofy Scrubs Recipes

5 Easy DIY Beauty Recipes to Try While Self Isolating

We’re all trying to make the most of the situation we now find ourselves in, whether that be podcasting, home workouts or an anonymous amount of hours on Tiktok (guilty). And, as social distancing has resulted in more hours spend in the home, we’ve decided to compile a list of easy DIY Beauty recipes to help you bring those little moments of pampering back into your routine where you can.

How To Exfoliate Lips


Exfoliating your lips is an important method to keep your lips smooth & soft. Removing the dry skin through exfoliating the dead cells away can help considerably. It’s super easy to do this at home, through only 2 ingredients which you quite possibly have sitting in your pantry. You can repeat this lip exfoliating recipe up to twice a week to cleanse your lips, leaving them looking healthier than ever.

DIY Face Mask


Avoiding the supermarkets where possible is a must, so if your sheet mask supply is low – this ones’ for you. Homemade face masks are super easy to make and fun to create too! This DIY face mask article can assist with you with everything you need to get started, such as how to make an oatmeal face mask and where to apply the mask. You’ll even learn a little along the way.

Dry Hands Remedies


The current environment has meant we’re showering and washing our hands more, in addition to using hand sanitiser at every suitable moment. These hygiene practices are so important, however they do tend to strip our hands from the moisture, causing dry hands. When your hands are dry, it’s important to take instant action to provide relief. From a hand scrub to an overnight treatment, we recommend experimenting with these dry hand remedies to have your hands feeling smooth and soft especially during times of extra hygiene and sanitary care.

How To Make Soap And Bath Additives


Washing your hands and body is critical in ridding your skin from bad bacteria, germs and the spread of illness to others. Using a great soap or wash that cares for your skin while cleansing the baddies away is important. With the scarcity of soaps in the supermarket, some may resort to attempting a home made soap recipe. Our recipe makes one large bar of soap which we do not recommend to be shared with anyone other than yourself.

3 Homemade Bofy Scrubs Recipes


Using a body scrub now & again can have many benefits for your skin. Removing the dead skin cells from the body can leave your skin feeling healthy & happy, looking and feeling it’s best. treating yourself to a DIY scrub is a great idea to keep your skin healthy while at home. To provide some inspiration, here are some easy, chemical-free and homemade body scrub recipes you can whip up in no time at all.