Dry Lips Remedy

Keeping dry lips soft and smooth may seem like a constant battle, but there are ways to keep your pout from drying out.


The three fundamentals of a dry lips cure

Keep your lips healthy in three simple steps:

1. Exfoliate

Gently rub your lips with a homemade mixture of olive or coconut oil and sugar and wipe clean with a face washer or a splash of warm water.

Exfoliating helps to remove the dead flaky, top layer of skin on your lips to reveal the fresh, young skin underneath.

2. Wear lip balm regularly

Apply and reapply a good quality lip balm, often:

  • NIVEA’S Coconut Lip Butter is enriched with shea butter, almond oil and Hydra IQ, to provide your lips with intense long-lasting moisturisation
  • NIVEA’s Sun Protect Lip Balm effectively protects your lips against harmful UVA and UVB rays with SPF30 while keeping your lips hydrated with Hydra IQ

Moisturising lip balms help lock in hydration and protect your lips from drying out.

3. Apply a dry lips treatment overnight

Replenish your lips’ moisture while you sleep with NIVEA’s Repair and Protection Lip Balm. Formulated with Hydra IQ shea butter, bisabolol and wheat germ oil this dry lips treatment rehydrates your lips, leaving them healthy, soft and nourished.

Natural remedies for dry lips

Treating dry lips can also be done using a few common ingredients from home. For a quick natural fix, experiment with one of these three simple and natural dry lips remedies:

1.    Coconut oil
Spread pure coconut oil over your lips for instant hydration.

Coconut oil helps to boost the overall health of your skin including the skin on your lips. It contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), making it easier for your skin to absorb.

Coconut oil also helps your body absorb more vitamin E, which works to prevent the production of cell-damaging free radicals.

2.    Aloe vera
Apply the gel from a fresh aloe vera leaf to your lips to soothe sore or tender lips.

Aloe vera has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe your skin and relieve stinging sensations.

3.    Rose water and honey
Mix honey and rose water and apply to your lips for about 15 minutes before washing off.

Honey and rose water help prevent cracking and provide deep moisturisation.