What Causes Wrinkles?

There are many factors which cause wrinkles. Some you can’t control but others you can certainly avoid.

The top six causes of wrinkles

As you age your body’s production of collagen decreases. This causes your skin to lose its elasticity which causes wrinkles. Apart from the natural aging process, these are the six major factors which cause wrinkles:

1. Sun exposure

The sun’s UV rays cause free radicals to form in the layers of your skin.

Free radicals damage your skin’s elastin fibres, which contributes to wrinkles and skin cancer.

2. Smoking

Smoking increases the number of free radicals in your body’s cells which can cause your skin to age prematurely.

3. Poor nutrition

Depriving your body of nutrient-rich foods can affect the health and strength of your skin.

A diet full of highly-processed foods won’t make your skin as strong and supple as it could be2. Nutrient-rich foods like, oily fish, protein and, fresh fruit and vegetables contain the vitamins and minerals your skin needs to maintain it’s soft, youthful glow.

4. Dehydration

Collagen is the primary connective tissue in your skin and it’s mostly made up of water.

When you become dehydrated collagen molecules can crack and clump together, causing wrinkles to form on your skin’s surface.

5. Not using an anti-wrinkle cream

If your skin care routine doesn’t contain anti-wrinkle creams, you could be depriving your skin of the nutrients it needs to remain elastic and strong.

Effective anti-wrinkle creams help to:

    Support your skin’s natural regeneration process

    Increase the natural levels of key wrinkle-fighting nutrients like Q10, creatine and hyaluronic acid

    Provide and lock in moisture

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6. Feeling stressed or tired

When you’re stressed or tired, your body releases excess cortisol, a hormone which is known to cause premature skin aging and wrinkles.