How to Stop Itchy Skin

No matter where on our body it is, dry skin is uncomfortable and can become painful and itchy. When skin gets too dry we can begin to feel tingles of itchiness.

There are many causes for dry itchy skin, including exposure to cold winds or prolonged periods of stress. Luckily there are also a lot of different itchy skin treatments.

8 Ways to Stop Itchy Skin

1. Don’t scratch
Scratching only aggravates the skin, which can cause it to become even itchier.

2. Daily moisturisation
Keep a healthy balance of moisture for your skin by using a moisturising lotion daily.

3. Cover up
Winter winds and can cause skin to itch. Make sure you are covered up when it’s cold out.

4. Change clothes
Abrasive clothing can be the issue. Try changing into something with softer fabric.

5. Balanced diet
Poor nutrition can also cause itchiness, add foods like fish and flaxseeds to your diet to help stop itchy skin.

6. Take a cool shower
A hot shower can dry your skin out, but a cool shower can help stop your skin itching and remove any external irritants.

7. Try to reduce stress
Stress can cause skin to become dry and itchy. Here are some of our tips to reduce stress.

8. Professional advice
If your skin is still itching, you may want to consult a medical professional such as a GP or dermatologist.