Home Pedicure Tips

If you want to show off your beautiful feet in the summer, you need to look after them properly.

What’s great is you can do this at home. Pedicures are easy with our tips.

Tips for a home pedicure

In this simple home pedicure guide we will explain how to:

    1. Cut nails into a perfect shape
    2. Remove rough skin properly
    3. Treat your feet to intensive moisturisation

Nail care tips for a home pedicure

Follow these three simple steps for neat and tidy nails:

    1. Using nail clippers, cut your toenails straight along the top so that they don’t tear or grow inwards.

    The shape of the nails should follow the natural shape of the toe.

    2. Smooth the edges with a crystal nail file. These are particularly gentle on brittle nails.

    3. Rub some oil or foot cream into your nails and cuticles.

How to remove rough skin

How to remove rough skin

Regular foot care will help to keep rough layers of skin thin, soft and smooth.

Follow these three simple pedicure tips to get rid of rough skin:

    1. Start with a warm foot bath

    Add some bath oil to a lukewarm footbath to soften your feet and make it easier to remove dry skin.

    Soak your feet for 15 minutes.

    2. Gently remove rough skin

    Firstly, remove dead skin particles with an exfoh3ating scrub. Then gently scrub the roughest areas of skin with a pumice stone or foot file.

Lock in moisture

Lock in moisture

After removing rough skin, it’s important to moisturise well.

In the evening, simply apply a thick layer of intensive-acting foot cream, like NIVEA Creme, and pull on a pair of cotton socks. Let it absorb overnight and wake up with beautifully soft feet the next morning.

Regenerating foot creams with urea provide an extra dose of moisture to combat the formation of new rough skin.

And don’t forget - if you want to avoid a lot of rough skin building up again, make sure you wear shoes that fit you properly.