Soft Mix Me Kit

1 st

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ALL SKIN TYPES - So what's your vibe today? A bundle of energy, totally chilled, in a dreamy mood, or everything at once? With NIVEA Soft you'll get the perfect scent whatever you feel like! The delicate cream texture of NIVEA Soft now in 3 fabulous new fragrances: - Berry Charming Mix Me: Romantic, charming and playful. In this fragrance NIVEA Soft combines the fresh sweetness of wild strawberries and juicy raspberries with the crisp touch of a Pink Lady apple. - Chilled Oasis Mix Me: Cool mint, freshness of green leaves and a whiff of lilies blooming in a forest after a morning rain shower: this cream is your moment of relaxation and harmony - Happy Exotic Mix Me: Aligning the happy sparkling fragrance of fresh pineapple, exotic citrus fruits and clear coconut water, this fragrance is full of sunshine and zesty fruits

Item Number 483110029020 (483110029020)