The Benefits of a Relaxing Bath

Open your own spa in your bathroom.

Warm candlelight, classical music and a delightful fragrance – relaxing at home is the best. With just a few tricks you can create a relaxing retreat in your own bathroom.


Enrich Your Bathing Experience With These Tools

After a long day, there’s sometimes nothing nicer than relaxing in a bath, but it’s important to create the right atmosphere. If your bath is dirty, or if your bathroom has harsh lighting – as many bathrooms do – you won’t enjoy the experience and might find it hard to switch off.


Follow our tips below to have a relaxing bath and create an environment where you can really let go and forget about stress:

  • Arrange candles around the room to create a relaxing atmosphere
  • Play your favourite music, anything that will help you to let go and forget about your day
  • Add a bath essence with a pleasant fragrance, but nothing that will dry your skin out
  • What else do you need for a relaxing evening? Yes, exactly. A good book. Just make sure you don’t drop it in the water!


What You Can Do After a Relaxing Bath

Your skin needs time to relax after a long day, just like the rest of your body and your mind do. Help it recover with the NIVEA Irresistibly Smooth Body Souffle. It will have a revitalising effect and help you will feel good again.

While your skin is relaxed and full of moisture, it’s a great time to do the following things:

  • Give yourself a mini pedicure
    After you’ve soaked your feet in the bath, you can remove and dead skin from your heels with a pumice stone, and apply a scrub and moisturiser
  • Apply a face mask
    This can also be done in the bath – the warm water and steam will help to open your pores up while the mask is on. If you want to keep your bath separate from your face care routine, apply a mask afterwards when the pores on your face are more open than usual
  • Shave your legs
    You can do this at the end of the bath, or straight after you get out if you don’t like the idea of hair in the water. Use a NIVEA Shaving Gel, and then follow up with a NIVEA Body Care Moisturiser for the best results.
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