Best Sunscreen for Face


No other part of your body is as regularly exposed to the sun’s rays as your face, but the sunscreen we use on our bodies can sometimes be too heavy or harsh for our facial skin.

The sun: energy and well-being for body and spirit

Being in the sun is good for us, as long as we protect our skin from damage as much as we can. The sun helps to regulate our moods, energy levels and can also improve our well-being and general health.

Being in the sun is therefore much more than a short-term pleasure, and is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. While you enjoy the benefits, be mindful of protecting your skin as much as you can. If you know you’re going to be in the sun for a long time, it’s best to use an effective sunscreen. Try the Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion in either SPF 30+ or SPF 50+.

The best sun protection for your face

Your facial skin is considerably thinner and more sensitive than the skin on your body and needs a lot of protection and care. It is exposed to damaging environmental influences such as the sun’s rays, the cold and air pollution, as it is not covered up.

Try the Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream if your skin is a little oily, or if you have combination skin. For those with dry or sensitive skin, try the Daily Essentials Rich Moisturising Day Face Cream instead. Both moisturisers help to replenish the moisture in your face, and have SPF30 to protect you from the sun.

For even more sun protection for your skin, find tips about sun safety and other ways to ensure you prevent wrinkles and sun damage on your face.

Your skin needs more protection when you’re on holiday: even though all NIVEA Sun products are suitable for the face, your skin will thank you for using specific sun care for your face.

Always read the label. Use only as directed.