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Protecting your pits

Armpits aren’t exactly the most glamorous of body parts to look after. However, because of their tucked-away position and particular gland makeup, it’s important to give them the time of day.

Knowing how to protect your armpits is easier when you understand why and how your body sweats. Here is a snapshot of all you need to know about reducing the inconveniences of excessive sweating.


There are two reasons our bodies sweat. The first to regulate body temperature and the second is due to stress or anxiousness.

Why we sweat

Like anything else, once you understand the source of body odour it’s easier to find the best way to combat it.

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Find the best antiperspirants to reduce sweating and discover scented deodorants to give you lasting freshness and confidence.

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Learn about white marks on black clothes, and yellow stains on white clothes and how to prevent them with invisible deodorants.

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Itchy armpits are nothing but a complete nuisance. Not only are they uncomfortable, they not overly easy to conceal.

Avoid Itchy Armpits

Everyone’s level of sweating, skin type and lifestyle are different, so it’s important to choose the right deodorant for you.

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