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Great looking skin can be easy to achieve by looking after your health and fitness, following a skincare routine and by finding products that suit your skin type. Find how to care for your body’s skin below.


Best Body Moisturiser

The best body moisturisers hold water in the outermost layer of skin, keeping it soft, hydrated and protects the skin from damage.

The perfect lotion

NIVEA Soft vs. Creme

While similar, NIVEA Creme and NIVEA Soft are slightly different. Read about the differences and find your preference here.

NIVEA Soft & Creme

The Original NIVEA Creme

NIVEA Creme was the original NIVEA product originally being sold in 1911. Read more about the different uses and its rich history.

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Cellulite & Stretch Marks

Cellulite affects up to 90% of women, regardless of weight, size or ethnic background. Find out how to manage your skin.

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Common Body Care Questions

We love helping people with their skin care. Find the answers to the seven most common body care questions here.

7 Common Questions

Hair Removal Tips

Whether you shave, wax or use permanent hair removal methods, there are ways to prepare your skin, and care for it afterwards.

Hair Removal Care

4 Weeks till smooth skin

With the right care you can get soft, supple and smooth skin in as little as four weeks. Follow these simple tips.

Tips for smooth skin

Anti Ageing Body Care

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to halt the ageing process. However, there are ways to slow it, find out more here.

Anti-Ageing Care

Hands and Feet

Discover the best way to soften and soothe your dry hands and feet, leaving them looking and feeling supple and smooth.

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Bathroom Rituals

There is more than just the products to a skin care, getting organised in the bathroom is the key to a successful skin care routine.

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Time Management

To best manage your time with your skin care routine, we have developed a few quick time management tips.

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