Meet our sisters

Read about some of the life changing experiences of participants in the SISTER2sister program. It's not only the Little Sisters who learn and develop from being involved, the beauty of connecting with and supporting their Little Sisters means the Big Sisters gain so much as well.


Big Sister Alicia

Big Sister Alicia Hill already has a busy lifestyle, heading up the Investor Relations and Marketing for a boutique investment company. Yet despite a fulfilling career and social life, Alicia felt there was more she had to offer.

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Little Sister India

India is a rather exceptional 13 year-old participating in the 2012 SISTER2sister program. With family support from Nan, a compassionate and fun-loving Big Sister and her own determination, India is growing in confidence...

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Little Sister Kaytlin

"I was invited to be part of the program as a little sister. I struggled considerably during those 12 months to let my guard down because I was so used to being independent and fending for myself that I’d forgotten what it was like to have others look out for me..."

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Big Sister Lisa

"My little sister Sarah and I began our journey and took our first steps together at boot camp. This beautiful girl and I seemed to be in step with each other straight away although naturally, our first steps were tentative..."

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Big Sister Lee

"I joined the SISTER2sister program in January 2009 after hearing about this great cause from a colleague. I went along to an information evening and was moved by the stories of teen girls who that had found themselves in poor circumstances through no fault of their own..."

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