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NEW: NIVEA Q10 Power Range for Mature Skin


Skin Identical Q10 & Organic Argan Oil


The new NIVEA Q10 Power Range for Mature Skin blends the natural power of 100% skin identical Q10 with the ultimate preciousness of organic argan oil. 

With age, skin's natural levels of Q10 in the body reduce, which may cause skin to sag and age spots to form. This Mature Skin Range helps replenish levels of Q10 in the skin, protecting from dryness and reducing the visible sign of ageing. The Q10 which is 100% IDENTICAL to what is found in your skin is gained by a natural-yeast fermentation process. This pure and natural quality of Q10 works in perfect harmony with your skin. The 100% organic argan oil is rich in omega 6 & 9, known to nourish and soothe the skin.

This nourishing and replenishing anti-wrinkle range is specially formulated to suit the specific needs of skin over 60 and helps to effectively reduce the visible signs of skin ageing.

Nivea Q10 Skin Identical Mature Day Cream

The NIVEA Q10 Power Day Cream SPF15 for Mature Skin cares for mature skin, and dry and very dry skin. Its formula with 100% Skin Identical Q10 is infused with organic Argan Oil, to effectively fight signs of ageing and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 4 weeks. The replenishing, yet non-greasy formula, deeply nourishes skin for 24 hours, whilst SPF15 helps to protect skin against further sun-induced skin ageing. Its ultra-hydrating properties are what make it the best moisturiser for dry skin as well as the best moisturiser for mature skin.

Nivea Q10 Skin Identical Mature Night Cream

The NIVEA Q10 Power Night Cream for Mature Skin with 100% skin identical Q10 and organic Argan Oil completes the daily care routine for mature skin. The rich and replenishing formula unfolds its nourishing effect during the night and supports your skin’s natural nightly regeneration processes. Apply this rich, but non-greasy night cream to skin each night after cleansing.

Q10 skin identical facial oil for mature skin

The NIVEA Q10 Power Facial Oil for Mature Skin is a precious oil-blend with 100% skin identical Q10. This pampering face oil can be used in three ways according to your skin needs: 1 drop as a day care to boost your skin's glow, 2 drops as a night treatment to regenerate skin overnight and by using 3 drops of this powerful face oil as a deep mask to give your skin a radiant and youthful look to women with mature skin. The luxurious but non-greasy face oil formula can be applied directly to your skin before, or used mixed with a Day or Night Cream or a foundation, for increased skin nourishment and resilience. It works in perfect tandem with the NIVEA Q10 Power Day Cream for Mature Skin as well as the NIVEA Q10 Power Night Cream for Mature Skin to give you the best anti-ageing cream and skin care treatment for mature skin.