Sheet Masks

Meet our sheet masks

Everyone deserves to make the most of their me-time, so these sheet masks are made of a readily biodegradable material and are infused with a formula that provides instant beautifying effects!

 Q10 Power Sheet Mask



NIVEA Q10 Power Sheet Mask: A sheet mask infused with an Anti-Age serum containing Q10 and Creatine which helps to instantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well as nourishing and firming the skin.

Q10 Plus Sheet Mask


NIVEA Q10 Plus C Sheet Mask: A serum-infused sheet mask that contains Q10 and Vitamin C to instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst recharging tired and dull skin.

Cellular Mask Sheet Mask


NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Sheet Mask: A sheet mask infused with an Anti-Age serum containing Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen Booster which instantly plumps up wrinkles and firms the skin.

Urban Skin Detox Sheet Mask


NIVEA Urban Skin Detox Sheet Mask: A Green Tea infused sheet mask with Charcoal that instantly detoxifies, mattifies, refreshes and de-stress the skin.

How to best use sheet Masks

For the best result, our NIVEA Skincare Expert, Robyn Hutch, suggests applying the sheet masks directly to a pre-cleansed face for around 10 minutes. “Each formula pampers the skin intensively as it is covered by a sheet mask that contours to your face shape and contains just the right amount of moisture to leave behind refreshed and healthier-looking skin.

For a fresh and smooth finish, be sure to gently massage any remaining product into the skin,” adds Ms Hutch.

Top tips for use: For healthy looking skin treat yourself to a sheet mask twice a week. For an extra refreshing treat, place the mask in the fridge 30 minutes before use.

Interview with Dr. Svenja Möllgaard (Laboratory Manager, NIVEA Face Care, Beiersdorf Skin Research & Development Centre)

Time, science and dedication are the key to the development of globally-available NIVEA face masks. The work, research and heart put in by the NIVEA team has led to the evolution of these face masks and enables the continued success story of the NIVEA brand with its high-quality standards and innovative formulas. Dr. Svenja Möllgaard, Manager of the NIVEA Face Care Laboratory at the Beiersdorf Skin Research & Development Centre, answers questions about developing a product that is not only scientifically tested under the strictest specifications, but that also guarantees the perfect “me” moments for women everywhere: face masks.

What is the motivation for your work as the manager of the NIVEA Face Care Laboratory?

Product development in the cosmetic industry, for me, is always driven by one question: How does skin work? I’m a scientist and former pharmacist who will never stop being passionate about getting to know skin better. But I’m not only motivated to develop scientific formulas for improved skin when I’m at work; in my private life I’m surrounded by women and men every day, who talk about cosmetics or buy them while standing next to me in drugstores – and these are the people that make me want to create new beauty products, as cosmetics are relevant for everybody.

You’re one of the leaders behind the development of the new NIVEA face masks. What is it that makes them such a fascinating product?

In our modern society, we’re all looking for more caring and pleasurable moments. We want to indulge ourselves – and face masks give us a moment away from hectic daily life and an easy way to start taking more care of ourselves. And what also makes face care so exciting for me is that skin on the face is much more unique than skin on the rest of the body. There are so many different face types and needs that we aim to fulfil with our NIVEA masks.

NIVEA Sleeping Masks are used overnight to pamper skin while sleeping. How does that work?

As we go through the day, our skin needs protection from UV radiation and many other harmful factors. But we’re often too busy to give it that extra care and don’t have time to sit down with a mask on. At night, the skin has time to regenerate while we sleep and using nighttime masks means we don’t need to invest time during the day to intensively treat our skin. NIVEA Sleeping Mask formulas are absorbed into the skin overnight, pampering the face with a delightful, nurturing texture. The beneficial skin care properties of NIVEA Sleeping Masks have visible effects, revealing a face that looks and feels rested in the morning – taking the idea of “beauty sleep” to a whole new level. Simply include the mask best-suited to your current skincare needs into your bedtime routine – for moisturising or anti-wrinkle effects – and wake up to amazing results and younger-looking skin.

NIVEA Sheet Masks offer “me” time with a new kind of beauty experience. What makes these masks so special?

A trend born in Asia, sheet masks offer a whole new face care experience. NIVEA Sheet Masks offer a new way to pamper the face and use unique formulas to intensively hydrate skin and visibly improve its appearance. They are easy to use and simple to apply, offering an indulgent and relaxing “me” moment while on the face. Depending on someone’s individual skin type and needs, they can choose from various sheet masks to find the formula that bests suits them.

The innovative NIVEA Urban Detox Cleansing Masks effectively remove dirt and the free radicals that are responsible for oxidative stress. Why is this so important?

Environmental pollutants, especially so-called “persistent free radicals”, cause chronic oxidative stress in our skin. Most of the pollutants in the environment around us can’t be seen but they have a deep impact on the condition and appearance of our skin. We may not necessarily feel that we’re stressed, but our skin could be anyway. Enriched with black rice and green tea extract, our NIVEA Urban Detox Cleansing Masks provide noticeable benefits by countering pollutants, which are an invisible aspect of urban life, and bringing skin back into balance. Black rice is known to be a natural, strong antioxidant with a high level of anthocyanin antioxidants, and is also known to have anti-inflammatory benefits. Green tea has long been appreciated thanks to its detoxifying effects for body and skin.