Social Commitment

NIVEA cares for family

NIVEA's social commitment

For more than 100 years, families have trusted our products to take the best care of their skin. Over this time, NIVEA has become a true family member in homes around the world. For this reason, caring for families beyond their skin comes naturally to us.

NIVEA aims to support families and thereby strengthen the environment where you develop responsibility and a sense of belonging. As families are a reflection of society, promoting these values will strengthen individuals, local communities and societies at large.

NIVEA supports sustainable family projects in specific fields, which reflect socially-relevant issues all around the world. This support is delivered in cooperation with local partners and through the active personal commitment of our employees.

In Australia, NIVEA has been the proud sponsor and supporter of Life Changing Experiences Foundation (LCEF) and their SISTER2sister Mentoring Program since 2009, aiming to help improve the future prospects of young people and promote equal opportunities for all, regardless of background.

Through the involvement of our staff volunteering and specific NIVEA brand campaigns we aim to generate awareness and raise funds to help sustain and further develop the SISTER2sister program to help make a difference in the lives of these disadvantaged young girls.



We're all sisters

The SISTER2sister program is a unique 12 month mentoring and risk management program designed to empower “at risk” teenage girls to turn their troubled lives around. Each girl (Little Sister) is matched with a stable role model (Big Sister) mentor as a positive female role model, to provide support, guidance and inspiration. The program commences with a four day Bootcamp, followed by monthly workshops to equip the girls with the necessary tools to overcome their obstacles. They are taught valuable life skills, enabling them to set goals and focus on a bright future.

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NIVEA’s commitment to families is part of Beiersdorf’s company-wide social target for 2020: reaching one million families and improving their lives. To find out more, visit